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At Alberta Tank Fabrication (ATF) we have a ‘one-stop-shop’ business strategy ready to meet your storage tank and general fabrication requirements including design, manufacture and coating services with paramount commitment to Health and Safety in all our operations'

Shop Built & Field Erected Tanks

No matter where the location is, Alberta Tank Fabricton can custom engineer and erect all sizes of tanks in our shop or on-site. Using stand alone welding and power systems and automatic welding machines Alberta Tank can build a tank right on-site or in the shop with all the piping and accessories of a shop fabricated tank based as a customer may require. Below are some of the tanks that can be built by our fabrication and engineering teams;

Shop Built Tanks

Field Erected Tanks

Stainless Steel Tanks

At Alberta Tank Fabrication & Coating Ltd we focus on rigorous quality procedures to ensure applicable codes and standards are followed in order to meet your design and fabrication requirements. We have licensed engineers and welders to complete fabrication needs in-house or on-site for divers industries, including oil & Gas, pharmaceutical, food, and water just to name a few.

Sand Blasting, Painting, Coating & Insulation.

To make our clients experience of searching for tank fabricator hassle free and cost effective, we have included services such as sandblasting and painting, all industrial coatings and linings, fiberglass, and urethane foam, and containment to solve all types of corrosion-related problems while reducing the time and money involved in dealing with  multiple suppliers.


Alberta Tank can perform manufacturing and fabrication of all sizes, types, schedules, materials, and configurations of pre-design pipes including bending to create curvatures or bends to virtually any angel depending on the client’s pre approved design. This process will allow clients to almost fit the piping system into any existing structure without extensive remodeling or demolition.

petro gas piping 2.jpg

Specialty Design Tanks

Alberta Tank Fabrication & Coating Ltd provides specialty assembled storage tanks built in our yard/shop or on site with pumps, gauges, vents, extra hoses, nozzles, and much more. If you are a customer who is interested, please call our company sales representative for further information.

Double Wall Tanks

Alberta Tank can design and fabricate leak-proof and corrosion-resistant double-wall tanks to offer the highest level of environmental protection by preventing oil spills and leaks caused by defective pipes, couplings or fittings that are located underneath the tank.

Tank Inspection, Repair and Maintenance

Alberta Tank Fabrication helps companies solve small problems before they become big problems that might require more downtime and cost for you. We provide customized and specialized inspection, maintenance and repair services that will meet customer needs in innovative and affordable way.

Structural Steel Fabrication

Alberta Tank Fabrication & Coating Ltd can design, fabricate and install all sorts of structural support steel for all applications including Steel supports for all types of storage tanks, Steel support structures and enclosures for process facilities, skids, ladders and platforms just to name a few.

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