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Alberta Tank Fabrication & Coating Ltd
Sand Blasting, Coating and Insulation Services.

As part of its ‘one-stop-solution’ business strategy Alberta Tank Fabrication & Coating Ltd. offers a complete Sand Blasting, Coating and Insulation services in our shop and on site depending on your needs and requirements. Alberta Tank's main aim is to meet your requirements by using our latest and well maintained equipment and experienced crew with safety as our main priority year round.


Our team is ready to help you get your Sandblasting and Coatings done right, the first time. With our mobile sand blasting and coating units we can travel anywhere and work to a diverse range of customers across Canada. This includes but is not limited to;

Internal liners
Floating Roof Coating
Protective coating
Mobile Sand Blasting and Coating
Location, location and location

Centrally located in the Fort McMurray Corridor and other major

energy players, Alberta Tank’s mobile service is ideally positioned

to serve the sand blasting, coating and lining needs of

Western Canada and beyond.  


Experience, Skill, Latest Equipment, Quality Service and Results

Alberta Tank’s mobile services is well equipped and managed by professionals with plenty of experience and skills in the industry. This means we offer an ideal service that ensures the highest possible performance for your chosen sandblasting, coating and insulation package while ensuring a professional quality look that will stand the test of time.

Some reasons why you should chose Alberta Tank's Mobile Sand Blasting, Coating & Insulation Services?



  • Skilled, experienced and professional crew

  • Centrally located in the Fort McMurray Corridor and other major energy players

  • We offer a wide range in sand blasting, lining and coating options, including but not limited to tar, epoxy and polyurethane systems.

  • Latest and well maintained Equipment

  • Paramount attention to Health & Safety

  • We process different products

  • We cover wide variety of industries and customer base

  • We provide related services including fabrication, design and engineering to meet all your needs.

  • Excellent relationship with manufacture and other suppliers

  • 100% customer satisfaction.  

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